Cycling design, & the Art of Performance

Throughout my (surprisingly numerous) years of riding and working within the cycling industry, I have always found a huge number of people who share my poorly disguised inner nerd over the engineering and design involved. I don’t just mean the pornography of boutique hand-built frames, but the equally beautiful ergonomic solutions in everyday items, right … Continue reading


The Gray Chapter: Slipknot Surpass Original Violence

  I remember the first time I became aware of Slipknot. Someone in my class at school had a copy of their eponymous release, revered in its bearing of the ‘Parental Advisory’ warning, which was passed around the few of us interested in such things. It’s fair to say it was like nothing the pre-pubescent … Continue reading

Vulpine – Autumn Winter 2014

After shooting in the irrefutably awesome landscape of Bergen, Norway, the people behind London’s Vulpine clothing got in touch with me and my musicianly-yet-cyclecentric mind, with a view to soundtracking the film. The finished product sums up the feeling of life on two wheels pretty succinctly, I would say. Vulpine in Bergen, Norway – Autumn Winter … Continue reading

Ride25 – Taking in the world, piece by piece

In addressing my readership I suspect I may be preaching to the converted, however I believe that one would be pretty hard-pressed to come up with a better way of touring the world than on a bicycle. Certainly, it is a pipe dream that many of my friends wistfully ponder on and pencil-sketch plans. For many of us, though, the … Continue reading

Death Rattle: Brewing a perfect storm

Despite being a long-time fan, it really has taken me longer than I’d care to admit to finally witness how the DIY-yet-high-production tracks of dark electronica duo Death Rattle converted to the stage. Having now done so, I feel compelled to make a record of how that worked out. It will be brief, but that is … Continue reading

“Raining mud, from a lacerated tyre” – Slayer (sort of)

It might look ugly out there, but it’s worth looking a bit harder. For road riders all over the northern hemisphere – and certainly here in London – winter rolls around with some degree of menace. Our favourite club runs take on a whole different hue when the sun doesn’t rise enough to dry the … Continue reading

Despite evidence to the contrary, I’ve been busy

Things may have been a little on the quiet side here on Chord & Cadence, but as it happens I’ve been busily working away both on new products for Jehu, but also writing for some more established cycling blogs.   I am rather pleased to announce that I will be contributing to the already excellent … Continue reading

The final run-up to the Jehu launch

After many months and many miles, the Jehu brand will be kicking off commercial life with a very limited time launch event deal on December 1st. Our first drop will be solely our men’s waist shorts, but we hope to grow and we have big things in store for the future. We are working on … Continue reading

Malice & Misinformation – The Legacy Of Boris Johnson

Two days ago I wrote about the official responses, both verbal and physical, to the recent spate of collisions involving cyclists in London, during what has already been referred to as Black November. I suggested that the way which the Mayor conducted himself when questioned about how to prevent this trend from continuing would mislead … Continue reading

When push comes to 7.5t shove: Boris’ victim-blaming

In no uncertain terms, the past two weeks have been diabolical for cyclists in London. And over the past two days, Mr Boris Johnson has shown in full HD that when the going gets tough, he was never really there in the first place. 6 people have lost their lives, and I have been doing … Continue reading